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It's Like a Wine Tasting, But With Steaks!™

Like fine wines, beef flavor & texture are influenced by breed, growing region, diet & the unique skills of those who raise it.

We hand-select natural or organic artisan ranchers who produce delicious, signature styles of beef.

Want some fun? Try a Discover Beef Experience Artisan Steak Tasting™ sampler and
compare delicious steaks from 4 different ranch groups.

It’s like a wine tasting, but with steaks!™

Did you know we can host a live artisan steak tasting in your home, restaurant or event? Contact Carrie Oliver for details.

Save on larger orders! 50% bonus for orders of $200+ when shipping to a single location, e.g. order $200 shipped to one address, receive $100 in free product. Bonus will be added upon shipping and will not show in your cart. Individually vacuum-sealed & professionally flash frozen to lock in quality.

Watch a food blogger tasting!