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Region Matters

Fine foods and beverages taste different based on their origin. Sumatran coffee, Napa Valley wine, Greek feta cheese. Properly raised beef also varies by region. Why?

Regional and seasonal differences in climate, geology, and soil impact the types of grasses and grains available for cultivation. Since all cattle eat grass, with some supplemented by grains, these differences can directly impact the taste and texture of your beef.

Grain finishing in general can reduce the impact of flavor variations. But the aging process can bring out the differences between barley and corn-finished beef. And when cattle are raised on grasses alone, the differences can be quite notable and vary quite a bit by season.

Our trailblazing ranchers have selected breeds and crossbreeds based on how well they adapt to the local environment. The best of these – our stars – have consciously groomed their cattle and their diets further to create the best possible taste and texture for their regions or “appellations.”

So, as some people prefer a Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma vs. Napa, or even the Rutherford region of Napa, some of you will prefer an artisan beef from the Lewis & Clark Region of Nebraska vs. the Front Range Region of Colorado.

We encourage you to learn more. Have fun. Experiment!